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A note from Harmony & Jeff on SV Serenity

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A note from Harmony & Jeff on SV Serenity

Feb 04, 2015

We always enjoy receiving notes from customers who leave the yard for places near and far. This note, from the owners of the SV Serenity, is too good not to share! Thank you Harmony and Jeff for one of the nicest cards we've received.

Here is a link to Harmony and Jeff's blog on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TakeToTheSea

And here is the text of their note:

To all the lovely people at the Berkeley Marine Center, Happy New Year from Jeff & Harmony on SV Serenity. You may not remember us, but we will never forget you. We limped into the Berkeley Marina in 2012 with a split rudder. We were bound for Mexico and behind schedule due to a litany of unforeseen and major repairs.

Despite the fact that your yard was full, and you were beyond busy, you managed to fit us in. You let us "hang" over the weekend to replace our repaired rudder (which we were only able to repair because you carved out a workspace in your yard). We were the last ones you hauled on a crazy busy day -- you squeezed us in and when we were successfully "hanging," Marga greeted us with some beer.

We were harried, newly salted and seriously questioning this grand adventure we were embarking upon. In all honesty, if we hadn't received so much kindness and support from all of the amazing people we met along the way, we never would have made it past California. Heck we might not have made it past San Francisco.

We are so fortunate that we broke down in your back yard. Although that period of time was supremely stressful for us, we look back on it fondly.

This is all just an overly long-winded Thank you! Thank you for being awesome. Thank you for finding space for us in your yard. Thank you for finding scraps of fiberglass and old cans of bottom paint to help us keep costs down. Thank you for your advice and words of caution. Thank you for all you do for the boating community.

Thanks to you we made it all the way to Panama and now we're on our way back home. Who knows, maybe we'll bop in on our return trip? Anyway, I was gonna keep this short, but we're just so damn appreciative.

Wishing you all the best in 2015!

Harmony & Jeff