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Measuring the angle of a rudder

Measuring up

Mar 26, 2012

Jim Antrim has gone to great lengths -- and angles -- to ensure California Condor's rudders perform well!
In this photo, Jim, Condor's designer, measures the relative angles of the two rudders, and if you want to get technical, the rudders should not be exactly parallel.
California Condor, and owner Buzz Blackett, have had many successes on the local race scene over the past year. The Class 40 racer will compete in this year's Pacific Cup, slated for July. We're very partial to Condor's success. In case you didn't know, Condor was built at Berkeley Marine Center.

Tai Kuai at the lift

The new boat in town!

Feb 21, 2012

Within days of being commissioned and launched from Berkeley Marine Center, Tai Kuai had two first place finishes under her belt -- winning both days in the "big and fast" division of the Corinthian Yacht Club Midwinters. Tai Kuai's PHRF rating is a sizzling -21!
The Reichel Pugh 44, owned by Daniel Thielman, was recently shipped from Trinidad, and assembled, faired, rigged and tuned by Berkeley Marine Center associate Panda Love.

A barge under the houseboat

Guaranteed to go slow!

Dec 22, 2011

The latest construction project at Berkeley Marine will not set any racing speed records! The challenge was to build and install a replacement barge for the houseboat owned by Diane Brown. An innovative approach was designed by Jim Antrim and executed by Cree Partridge and crew at the yard. A fiberglass shell or hull was built. While the houseboat was held in place at the yard's travelift, the old barge was removed and new hull slipped into place under the house. Water was pumped out, and the new hull was then filled with floating cement for structural integrity.

screen shot

Help put "Sailing the Bay" on TV

Dec 02, 2011

An open letter to support a worthwhile project:

Dear Friend,

Have you ever tried to describe why you love sailing to a non-sailor? To convey the joy and exhilaration of moving across the water powered only by the wind? Of being completely in the moment, balanced between wind, waves and current?

By telling the story of Bay sailing, you share our world of adventure, freedom, and self-discovery with a future generation of sailors.

New website

Our new website

Oct 21, 2011

We're happy to announce the new Berkeley Marine website! Along with the new design, we now have the ability to add many features we hope will better serve our customers.

The site was designed and developed by Berkeley's own Bay Design Associates, and relies on the open source content management system, Drupal. Send us an email if you have any comments or suggestions!

The Ladies are back!

The Ladies are back!

Sep 22, 2011

The Ladies of the Lake are back in the yard! You may remember the Ladies, also known as the Oakland Rowing Club, had a custom Jim Antrim designed rowboat built at Berkeley Marine Center last year. The first boat was such a success that the Ladies have ordered a sister-ship to Siren Song. The new boat will use the same mould as the first, so, much of the work is already done. We look forward to creating another excellent boat, and to working with the Ladies of the Lake!

In the photo above, the Ladies of the Lake, in full regalia, step aboard Siren Song.


Aleta lives on

Sep 22, 2011

If you think you've spotted the bright-yellow hulled Aleta on the Bay lately with a dozen teens on board, you're not mistaken. The boat was donated to the Bluewater Foundation by Keith Brown. The Foundation, which celebrates it's 20th anniversary this year, is quite successful at its mission: "bringing the joys of sailing to San Francisco Bay Area inner city and at risk youth."