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Preparing for the Boatyard

Haul out checklist

Use this checklist to prepare your boat for haul out at Berkeley Marine Center. Please call us at 510 843-8195 if you have any questions. We'd love to speak with you!

  •   The bottom of your boat has been cleaned by a diver within the past 3 months.
  •   Clean your cabin top, decks, and sail covers if we will be working in those areas.
  •   Stow everything inside your boat in preparation for our marine technicians to move about unencumbered if we need to access the inside of your boat.
  •   Empty your holding tank.
  •   Remove all perishable food from your boat and turn off your refrigeration system.
  •   Close and tighten all hatches and portlights.
  •   Once you arrive at our dock and turn off your engine, turn your battery switch to "Off" and shut down your AC and DC power.

Unstepping mast checklist

Use this checklist to prepare your mast for unstepping. This preparation will save you the cost of marine technician time to perform these tasks.

  •   Take photos showing details of all key components, connectors and placement.
  •   Label all rigging to identify type and location. Human memory is short.
  •   Remove all sails from the mast, including headsails on roller furlers.
  •   Disconnect the boom at the gooseneck.
  •   Disconnect topping lift, boom vang, and anything that connects the boom to the mast.
  •   Any lines in or on the mast should be secured and coiled on the mast.
  •   Prior to loosening turnbuckles, tape the threads on turnbuckles where threads enter turnbuckles. This acts as a gauge for approximate length and tension on stays when re-installing.
  •   Straighten but do not remove cotter pins on clevis pins.
  •   Remove all cotter pins from turnbuckles and be sure the turnbuckles turn freely. If necessary, soak them with a lubricant such as WD-40 or Kroil, to loosen them.
  •   Do not disconnect any standing rigging. Loosen only.
  •   Disconnect, or be prepared to disconnect, mast electrical wiring.
  •   do not cut radar cable, as it cannot be spliced.
  •   If the mast is keel stepped, loosen the wedges at the partners. If anything is attached to the mast below deck, be sure it will pass thru the deck opening. If not, remove it.
  •   If the mast is secured to the mast step with a hinge pin or bolt, be sure it is not corroded. If it is, soak it with a lubricant.